Norway,voss :Exstream Sports Veko

Voss extreme sports week 

This summer whilst working a busy season in southern Norway, me and the boys managed to booked off the Extreme sports Veko up in Voss. We crammed the car with all the essentials boats, paddling gear, minimal living requirements and of course enough beer to sedate a mammoth!!13866855_10154258790513382_907884384_n.jpg

After a short 6 hour drive stopping and looking at every spec of moving water  we hit Voss a true white water mecca. Let the good times flow from here.13835736_1371855496162473_111493024_o 

With the Brandseth only a short drive from camp this became our camps home run, meaning it didn’t take long for us to sink our teeth in to some of what Voss had to offer. As a bonus as we were scheduled to be doing safety cover for the downhill race on the race section, and safety kayaking for the team race which was to take place on the upper Brandseth, during the festival so it was a wise decision to become familiar with these runs.

IMG_2235.JPGThe Brandseth race run is a fantastic section and even with flows on the lower side we were still amazed. As you can imagine as the river was fed with more snow it just gave even more to play with. The Brandseth is a fantastic bedrock creek with drops and rapids, split between small boulder gardens. The upper is on another level of awesomeness with some steep continuous slides starting with a stout sliding double step drop, right at the start to get you on form for what’s follows and a definite must do whilst in Voss.13835610_1371855462829143_1514165501_o

As well as spectacular white water Voss extreme week is supported by a kind and friendly kayak community with great people who make the Veko come to life. It is organised by a small team, who do an astonishing job and throw an epic festival. If planning a trip to Norway I strongly recommend you don’t miss this week.

A personal highlight was Money drop on the Strandavelen. I looked at this drop last year but the huge flows sent me on my way. This year I hoped for lower flows, and as I first looked it was defiantly on the higher side of what I would have liked, but after looking several times and deciding that it will probably drop off in a few days I decided to wait. Finally it dropped and after watching John Fredricks fire it up I bucked up and went. As you approach the entry lip there’s an intimidating  but spectacular view into a white out, as you pull through the lip and down I was amazed at how soft the impact at the bottom was. I couldn’t have been happier with the result a sick line, I was super stoked at the bottom. After Money drop the river has a sweet smaller drop the Penny drop and some fun rapids further downstream.13833374_1371855339495822_1486401954_o

To sum Voss up it is an all-round incredible place and a must visit for any white water paddler looking to hit some stouts, I will definitely be returning again before the end of this season and can only can dream of the experiences and adventures that lay ahead.

I would like to give a huge thanks to my continued support from my sponsors and making all my adventures possible 🙂

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